About HTP

Children are the future of tomorrow
Hidden Treasures Preschool is committed to provide childcare and quality Christian education in a safe environment where children can learn. We believe that the educational process is a partnership between the parents and the school. We have fun learning at Hidden Treasures Preschool. We encourage you to visit us and see first-hand the excellent programs that are available.Hidden Treasures Preschool
As a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, we believe that the educational foundation children receive in the first years of school may determine how well they do later in college. College preparation begins in preschool! Small children have a natural curiosity: they are born with a desire to learn new things. Research into early childhood learning shows that we have greatly underestimated what a child can and should be learning. The preschool programs at Hidden Treasures are not just a “baby-sitting” or play-based service. They are a delightful educational experience. Because many of our school parents find it necessary for both dad and mom to work, our dedicated Christian teachers help provide love, care, and instruction to these precious little ones as if they were their own. Our preschool parents have been thrilled to see what their children have learned in reading, writing, and numbers. They love our program, and so do their children.

Early Treasures

    • 2 1/2 year olds and young 3’s
    • Learn letter, color, and number
    • Learn short vowel and consonant sounds
    • Enjoy Bible stories, songs, and games
    • Enjoy nursery ryhmes, art, friends, and
    • Do NOT have to be potty-trained

These children may enter the program whenever they turn 30 months old, if there is room available.

3 Year-Old Kindergarten

  • Learn short vowel and consonant sounds
  • Learn letter, color, and number
  • Enjoy Bible stories, songs, and games
  • Enjoy nursery rhymes, art, friends, and

4 Year-Old Kindergarten

  • Learn basic phonics
  • Learn number concepts from 1–20, basic science, safety, and health
  • Learn to read from their own little readers
    in a reading circle
  • Establish proper routines and classroom habits
  • Enjoy Bible stories, games, and songs
  • Enjoy learning in art, music, poetry,
    and show-and-tell

5 Year-Old Kindergarten

  • Learn number concepts 1–100, addition,
    subtraction, money value, and time
  • Enjoy sharing their own basic reading
    books with mom and dad
  • Enjoy Bible stories, songs, and chapel
  • Enjoy learning in art, writing, poetry,
    music, Spanish, and science